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Climative Platform

Digitizing the Low Carbon Journey

Harnessing the power of AI, Climative produces personalized low-carbon plans for every building that can be securely shared with homeowners and the ecosystem that serves them. Low-carbon plans provide a clear path forward to undertake building energy retrofits and can be updated over time. 


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Climative Insights

An API-based platform for energy and carbon data analysis of buildings, regional data aggregation, impact reporting, and tracking. Data with endless possibilities.

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Climative Navigator

Streamlined customer engagement platform, personalized low-carbon advice and offers, tracking of upgrades & impact. Scale the climate conversation.

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Climative Advisor

Remote web-based platform for energy advisors, retrofit modeling tools, advanced data intake, and building owner reports. Superpowers for energy advisors.

Feature Breakdown

Create the Foundation for Unprecedented Alignment to Achieve Climate Goals

AI-Assisted Home Energy Assessments at Scale

Quickly and cost-effectively gather building-level energy and carbon insights for homes in a market. Climative’s geospatially aware platform allows for advanced insights to inform policy and program design, create tailored product offers, and report on carbon.

Personalized Low-Carbon Plans for Every Home

Engage and educate homeowners with an interactive home energy report. Using trusted data sources (like property assessment, weather, and area-level energy costs), homeowners receive fast and accurate retrofit advice and personalized offers. 

Retrofit Impact Estimator

Use an advanced analytics platform to create “what if” scenarios for entire cities, neighborhoods, or individual homes. Use this information to design impactful deep energy retrofit programs, certify retrofit loans for banks, and more.

Collaboration and Auditability

Climative streamlines the retrofit process and simplifies collaboration between different stakeholders like energy professionals, homeowners, utilities, program managers, banks, and real estate sectors. A shared digital platform stores a secure and auditable digital record of every home with blockchain.

Solutions by Industry


Improve your home's comfort, emissions, and operating costs with a personalized low-carbon plan. Get matched with financial support and track the impact of upgrades over time.

Municipalities & Government

Meet climate targets by making it simpler for homeowners to retrofit their homes. Plan, deploy, and manage home energy efficiency programs with an all-in-one platform.


Gain insight into the energy efficiency of properties in a market, aiding in loan risk assessment and origination. Uncover green financing opportunities related to energy-efficient home improvements.

Real Estate

Quick and cost-effective building labelling to enhance property marketability, report on sustainability, and meet regulatory requirements. Visualize and plan energy efficiency of your portfolio.


Uncover risks associated with property insurance with deep data on energy efficiency upgrades. Tailor insurance products to reflect energy-efficient features of homes.


Plan and implement demand-side management programs and engage consumers in energy-saving programs. Improve grid efficiency and manage load with advanced home energy insights.

Energy Advisors

Spend more time coaching homeowners, and less time doing paperwork. Conduct remote energy assessments with web conferencing and HOT2000-compatible energy modeling software.

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