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Who We Are

Climative is a team of individuals dedicated to a core idea: building an inclusive, climate-positive world through collaborative, transparent, and data-driven solutions.


We Are Climative

Climative is committed to accelerating the decarbonization of the built environment. Our trusted data platform enables mass market upgrades of existing buildings to reduce energy use and carbon emissions. 

The Climative platform helps organizations like governments, utilities, and financial services organizations collaborate and provide their customers with more cost-effective and compelling low-carbon solutions. Our AI-driven insights provide a digital low-carbon plan for every building, making climate-friendly decisions easier to understand and projects to be implemented with greater confidence.

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For building owners, this means a personalized low-carbon plan to make better, faster decisions to lower their building’s emissions, make them more comfortable and spend less money running them. 

Our mission is to re-invent how organizations collaborate and empower all building owners to create great spaces to live and work in the planet’s best interest. 

What We Believe In

At Climative, we believe that building a climate-positive world starts with empowering building owners to make informed, low-carbon decisions. Trust and confidence are key ingredients to all relationships, so we strive to provide actionable, accessible, and trustworthy data to support our clients in their decarbonization efforts.   

Efficiency and velocity are our allies as we work towards accelerating the decarbonization of the built environment. We embrace innovation as a means to pave the way forward and are committed to transforming and disrupting the low-carbon home industry through collaboration and inclusive business practices.   

Our focus on fast decarbonization allows us to collaborate on solutions that are accessible to the masses and have a positive impact on our planet and future. By working together, we can create a more sustainable world for all. 

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Our Vision and Values

Our vision is to build an inclusive, climate-positive world through collaborativetransparent, and data-driven solutions. Our values ground us when making decisions and developing products, and they inspire our working relationships with our colleagues, partners, and customers.  


The climate problem will be overcome by embracing unique perspectives and lifting up marginalized groups. We design our products with inclusivity at the core. Technology should be used to create prosperity and opportunity for all.

Climative Positive

It's in our name. We are a climate-first company that aims to decarbonize the built environment. Our platform gives building owners, and those who serve them, tools to make better, faster decisions to retrofit homes.


The only way to achieve a climate-positive world is with technologies that promote easier collaboration. We need to break down barriers and accelerate the flow of information to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.


As a collaborative data platform, it is our duty to be fully transparent in our approach. We want homeowners and other stakeholders to fully trust our technology as the reliable custodian for powering the low-carbon economy. Our openness to information-sharing accelerates progress in digitizing home energy data and low-carbon plans.


To reach net-zero emissions in the building stock, we must spend over a trillion dollars to retrofit about 150 million homes. Money must be invested in only the most impactful projects. At Climative, we believe data will help mobilize homeowners, real estate groups, insurers, banks, and governments to make strategic investments to efficiently decarbonize homes and make them more comfortable.

Our History

2014: SimpTek is Founded
Three students at the University of New Brunswick incorporate Simptek to assist utilities with demand response events.
2017: SimpTek Launches Building360
Developed with industry partners, Building360 smart data platform identifies opportunities for energy cost savings and ROI on capital projects.
2018-2020: Rapid Growth and Residential R&D
SimpTek adds 3 channel partners and 10 new enterprise customers. Team releases GridEdge360 for commercial buildings and launches R&D on new virtual home energy insights platform.
2021-2022: SimpTek Recognizes AI-Assisted Energy Data Can Drive Retrofit Action
SimpTek launches pilots and contracts across Canada. Pandemic challenges creates new market opportunity for touchless and remote audits.
2023: Rebrand to Climative
Climative finds product-market fit with a data platform that reinvents how organizations collaborate with building owners to accelerate the decarbonization of homes. A low-carbon plan for every home.
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Climative is building a climate-positive world through innovative, collaborative, and data-driven solutions.

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