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Climative team eating dinner

Climative Team Gathers to Enjoy the Canadian Maritimes

There was something very “Maritimes” about our summer gathering as a Climative team: admiring the shoreline from a home-crafted boat, freshly caught fish grilled on the beach, sweating in the hot tub as the cool night air chills your drink. Team members from our Fredericton office and around New Brunswick and Nova Scotia gathered for three days of work and relaxation.

climative team on a boat

It’s always surreal to meet a teammate in person. They’re never quite the height you imagined, but all else is the same. Some folks love to talk shop, while others want to talk about ANYTHING else. The “anything else” conversations are why we gather. We leave knowing a bit more about the faces behind each screen, behind each midnight Slack epiphany, behind each cancelled meeting, behind each great idea.

Climative team on the beach

These are the faces behind Climative. Are we “Climateers”? Maybe we need to workshop that…

The week-and-a-half since our Climateers get-together has been our most focused ever. We get a LOT done on Zoom calls, but there’s something motivating about your CEO passionately preaching the company’s vision while wearing swim trunks and sharing a good meal.

We’re well-fed and energized, ready to create a digital low-carbon plan for every home in North America. Contact us to discuss home energy labelling, good fishing spots on the Saint John River, or how AI is the future of climate action collaboration.

Jenny Keleher

Jenny Keleher

Jenny has 12 years professional marketing experience with successes in home sustainability, biotechnology, agriculture, and more. She loves translating technology into stories and using stories to build communities.


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