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Atlantic business magazine november december 2023 edition

Winston Morton on AI and the Environment in Atlantic Business Magazine

Atlantic Business Magazine’s November/December 2023 issue focused on digital transformation. Climative is one of many Atlantic Canadian companies using digital tools to offset global warming. Winston Morton, Climative’s CEO, contributed to the edition to discuss how AI is accelerating the pace of retrofits in North America.

Atlantic business magazine november december 2023 edition

“If there’s a part of your home that Winston Morton wants you to think about, it’s what you can’t see: the heat creeping out from around old windows, the emissions silently wafting from an oil furnace.”, writes author Moira Donovan.

Winston goes on to encourage readers to harness an unconventional set of tools for assessing and potentially rectifying these energy inefficiencies, namely artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cloud technology.

Climative, a company based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, employs artificial intelligence to expedite retrofit projects in Canada aimed at enhancing the energy efficiency of buildings. The company is part of a group of regional enterprises utilizing digital solutions to address some of the most challenging obstacles in the shift toward a more sustainable future.

Following a summer marked by weather and climate events, the imperative to bolster sustainability and combat climate change has never been more pressing. With digitization already transforming the lives of billions, many are now pondering whether it can also alter the course of our planet.

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