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Automated Carbon Model (ACM™) for Homes: What Is It?

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The Automated Carbon Model (ACM) is Climative’s powerful machine learning algorithm used to quickly and cost-effectively evaluate the energy efficiency and carbon footprint of homes. The traditional approach to home energy assessments only covers 1-3% of the building stock annually, with a post-audit retrofit rate of about 0.7%. At this rate, it will be beyond […]

7 Takeaways from Remote Home Energy Assessments Pilot: High Satisfaction, Engagement, and Accuracy

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Climative partnered with EfficiencyOne and the Nova Scotia Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing on a remote home energy assessments pilot to compare a digital approach to traditional on-site EnerGuide assessments (completed 2022). The results paint a compelling case for using a digital approach to home energy assessments to engage homeowners, drive impactful retrofit actions, […]

3 Strategies for Municipalities to Drive Citizen-Led Home Decarbonization

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Achieving the net-zero buildings target by 2050 will require retrofits to 6 million North American homes annually. For municipalities, this means engaging citizens to take action and upgrade their homes. That’s no easy task, especially since homeowners can experience significant barriers to undertaking retrofits. Successful citizen-led home decarbonization will only happen if we use better […]

AI Home Energy Assessments Will Get Us to Net-Zero. Here’s How.

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AI tools will play a pivotal role in achieving net-zero buildings by 2050. Buildings are a significant contributor to carbon emissions (about 18% of emissions in Canada). Achieving net-zero building stock is an ambitious but crucial goal in the fight against climate change. To make this happen, we need rapid identification of retrofit opportunities, transparent […]

Virtual Home Energy Reports and Building Labels: Differences and Examples

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What information is included in a virtual home energy report? With building labeling legislation rolling out across Canada and the US, citizens and stakeholders are rightfully curious about what this means for them. As homeowners ourselves, the team at Climative is doing our part to ensure this legislation is deployed in a way that is […]

What is a Virtual Home Energy Assessment? 3 Different Types

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Homeowners are used to getting emails and letters about new opportunities to improve their homes. Lately, many homeowners are hearing new terms like “virtual home energy assessment,” “digital energy audit,” and “low-carbon plan.” In this article, we’ll explain virtual home energy assessments and the differences between related terms. The information included in this article might […]