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Energy Transition & Building Labeling: Join Climative at Smart Energy Halifax

Smart Energy Halifax is an exciting upcoming event that the Climative team is thrilled to attend as partners, panelists, session hosts, and guests. We’ve coordinated two sessions with our partners designed to showcase some of the exciting work being done to accelerate the decarbonization of buildings.

Smart Energy Halifax showcases the innovation, people, and systems catapulting Canada towards a net-zero future. Click here to register for the April 15 & 16 event in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Are you planning on attending? Reach out to Winston, Micheline, Tian, or Ian – they’d love to meet up!

Crowd at Smart Energy Halifax
The crowd at Smart Energy Halifax

Workshop: Empowering Community Energy Transition: A Data-Driven Approach

Context setting, led by QUEST

  • What’s happening in the provincial and national market; the economic opportunity for municipalities in Nova Scotia and the rest of Canada 
  • Challenges that small municipalities face
  • How might data-informed community energy and emissions planning address these barriers? 

Interactive data demonstration, led by Climative

  • Showcase a pre-assessed Nova Scotia (aggregated data and homeowner reports)
  • Audience participation: which communities should we look at?
  • Audience participation: what insights should we dig into?

Discussion: how could this data be used to drive energy transition across Canada?

Time and place: Monday, April 15 at 1:40 PM, Harbour Suites

Winston Morton of Climative leading a meeting with the team
Winston Morton, CEO of Climative

Panel: Digital Home Energy Labeling Programs

Hear stories from ongoing home energy labeling programs that are leading the country. Many lessons have been learned that will help shape how this digital approach is deployed across Canada and how it will help accelerate net-zero retrofits.

The December 16, 2021, Government of Canada mandate letter included a requirement for “EnerGuide labeling of homes at the time of sale” as part of a series of provisions to meet our net zero targets. This compelling but controversial statement has spurred rapid action from progressive governments and organizations seeing this as a tremendous opportunity to engage citizens in climate action.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Glen Compton (Building Coordinator, PEI Office of Net Zero)
  • Sara Mudge (Senior Technical Lead, NB Power)
  • Winston Morton (CEO, Climative)
  • Moderator: Lauren McNutt (Managing Consultant, Dunsky)

Time and place: Tuesday, April 16 at 11 AM, Harbour Suites

The Smart Energy Halifax program is packed with great sessions! We encourage you to register and reach out to a Climative team member to arrange a meeting. See you there!

Jenny Keleher

Jenny Keleher

Jenny is a professional marketer with successes in home sustainability, biotechnology, agriculture, and more. She loves translating technology into stories and using stories to build communities.


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